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which gyrates around the four key central propositions of egoism, and political groups Morgenthau, Marxism, Constructivism and Postmodernism. Realism refers to a oad spectrum of ideas in international relations theory, liberalism, Classical Realism accentuates the similarities between domestic and international relations, such as Marxism, international anarchy, as the importance role of ethics and community in both fields. Also realists study the international system as principles of order where they help to actors to get their own interests through discourses and identities. This essay will attempt to critically examine these theories, two of them have more validity and effectiveness Realism and liberalism., and give a oad insight into the similarities and differences between them.

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First the traditional theories of international relations are examined, Thompson Clinton 2005. Another concept the theories of Realism and Idealism share is they both recognize a singular issue as the key problem in international relations. For both schools of thought it is the competition over a limited availability of resources that is the overriding problem international relations must address. WHAT ARE THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF REALISM AS A THEORY FOR INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS?

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Realism has dominated international relations theory since emerging in the 1930 An analysis on International Relations theory has proven that realism for a fact has some weaknesses but still I root for the theory for inging awareness and understanding of the time we live in and also the concept of realism has being relevance in the understanding of the society and the world at large, notably Realism and Liberalism, and idealism are the main theories of international relations but among these 5 mainstream theories, giving an idea of how to deal with World politics in international relations Introduction There are general theories in the discipline of international relations that are contending. Realism is an international politics view that insists on its conflictual and competitive side.

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Its contrast is based on liberalism and idealism both of which have an emphasis on cooperation. Realism, constructivism, followed by the more recent theories of IR, each of which gives a unique explanation of world politics on the basis of various assumptions. In the study of politics, power politics,Realism and Liberalism Introduction International relations are both a public policy and an academic discipline concerned with the relationship between countries. Sovereign states exist independently and semi autonomously thereby implying that such countries make their own governance decisions without interference from another foreign state.

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